Hey, I'm Tom.I'm a 34 year old composer, music producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer living in Devon in the UK.As a composer, I work across multiple genres, namely neo-classical piano, acoustic folk, indie/rock, all the lo-fi's, chillout and ambient.My compositions and productions have featured on major film and TV networks such as BBC, Channel 4, Film 4, Discovery Network and Netflix.​I have a First-Class Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from ICMP (University of East London) in Songwriting and I've been working in the industry my entire adult life.

All of my
music is available to use in your project over on my SYNC SITE or you can head to my CONTACT PAGE for bespoke compositions for your project.
As well as composing music, I'm also a music producer for independent artists (True Strays, Lux Lisbon etc.) as well as an artist writing, producing and performing my own music (Friend of a Foe, Carly & Tom.)

Check out my
PRODUCTION SITE to find out more.
When I'm not working on songwriting, composition and production I'm often playing various instruments for artists both live and in the studio.​I've written a book on music making called Music Production for Songwriters and Artists. That's available (for free!) HERE.I'm also currently in production for series 1 of my new podcast where I talk to other creatives about all things creative.In my personal life, I live near the sea with my partner Libby and our son.​We've got a rescue staffy called Star Pig.I really hope we can do something creative together... me and you that is... not me and Star Pig.Be kind and create.Tom